Killiney Beach Flooding Update – May 31 17 – North Westside

As I am out of the area for the next 5 days attending the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Annual Convention my wife Michelle will be documenting the flooding impact on Killiney Beach Park during my absence. The unprecedented rise in the water level of Okanagan Lake calls for extra attention to the...

Killiney Beach – Flooding Update – May 26 17

Went for a walk from the south end of Killiney Beach right through to the gate at the north end. The water is still rising and I believe we are very close or at the 1948 record.

Another shot of the beach in front of my place showing...

Killiney Beach – Flooding – May 25 17

Killiney Beach - Pump house and Pier saw flood protection beefed up in anticipation of meeting or exceeding the 1948 flood record for Okanagan Lake.

There was also 6 loads of rock placed along stretches of the road as well as in front of the pump house. Hopefully this...

High Water and No Power – Flooding Update May 24

The power went out at 7:23pm last night and was off for just over 23 hours. Nice addition to the current mudslides, flooding and thunderstorms with high winds and lake waves with a storm surge.

Here is the Tiger Dam deployed to protect the road and beach sites on Killiney Beach.