Killiney Beach Flooding Update

I went for a walk through Killiney Beach to see the changes I missed over the last few days. What a difference. The water is well over the road for a large stretch of the north end of the park. The section where the Tiger Dams were deployed then removed are under water.

Flood / Evacuation Information Update – Jun 2 17 – North Westside

This was today's RDCO release pertaining to the evacuation and flooding information for Killiney Beach in particular but the generic flooding information is critical to all residents of EA West. At the moment the problems seem to be in and around Killiney Beach but all the waterfront homes and waterfront infrastructure from...

Killiney Beach Flooding Update – May 31 17 – North Westside

As I am out of the area for the next 5 days attending the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Annual Convention my wife Michelle will be documenting the flooding impact on Killiney Beach Park during my absence. The unprecedented rise in the water level of Okanagan Lake calls for extra attention to the...