Third Slide in North Westside in Two Weeks

Pictures and videos of the Marchbank slide. The first picture is looking down the slide path. The first video is a walk down the slide the second video is a walk up the slide path.

Fortunately no one was injured, structural damage was...

Full Pool + – Okanagan Lake – Some photos

[caption id="attachment_2288" align="alignright" width="204"] Killiney Beach Pier & Boat Launch - Full Pool[/caption]

Water is still rising in Okanagan Lake lots of run-off left in the watershed and it's all headed down hill to the lake that's how the valley geography works.


  [caption id="attachment_2265" align="alignleft"...

Flood Watch: Evacuation order rescinded for Killiney Beach

Just received this notice from RDCO:

Flood Watch: Evacuation order rescinded for Killiney Beach - News Release #55

An evacuation order has been rescinded for 17 properties along Kilkenny Place in the Killiney Beach subdivision. This includes 9567 to 9697 Kilkenny Place. A landslide Saturday prompted the evacuation order. Eight people received assistance from Emergency...

Update on the Flooding in the North Westside

17-05-14 RDCO UPDATE: There are a couple of danger trees that need to be removed, a hydro pole replaced and some minor road repairs made before people can return. We hope to have that work completed later today.

Even without the arrival of the storm predicted for yesterday the water continues to flow and...

Electoral Area West Flooding – Central Okanagan

It has been an incredibly wet spring in the Okanagan. The ground is saturated the creeks are flowing at capacity as the snowpack melts. Here is a short clip of Shorts Creek as it goes under Westside Road in Fintry Provincial Park.

Got these pictures on my way...