Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus situation has taken a nasty turn in the last few days and new restrictions and recommendations are now being made. Please take the time to educate yourself on this virus. I will update as new information is made available from government sources.
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Regional Board Approves Financial Plan

North Westside Parks Gas Tax Funded Projects

  • Dog Beach Fencing $ 5,000
  • Picnic Shelter – Killiney Beach $150,000
  • Comfort Station – Fintry Beach $ 18,000
The RDCO Board approved the 2020 Budget on Mar 23 2020 at the Monday night meeting. To listen to this or any Agenda Item relevant to EA West...

OKIB School Feasibility Study – Update

I attended a preliminary meeting on Jan 09 2020 with members of the OKIB, NWCA and the architectural firm running the School Feasibility Study. This school is proposed for the same school site the OKIB currently operates a school from. The purpose of...

North Westside Invited to Participate in OKIB School Survey

I received this information from the OKIB Representative inquiring as to the North Westside's interest in a school located on OKIB land by the current school site. Please follow the links provided or attend the community meetings listed for more information. Take the time to complete the Survey this could be a...

Governance Committee for the North Westside

NWCA Newsletter requesting volunteers for the newly struck NWCA Governance Committee. This group will be responsible for following up on the request that an NWCA Delegation to the RDCO Board made almost three years ago and the community is still waiting for a proper response to the request made to...

Recycling… When should RDCO join the fight.

I believe that we should have been in this recycling fight and in particular the battle against single use plastics from the start of this Board term. I brought it up during Budget discussions and feel that I was completely blown off by...

RDCO Board Meetings Under Fire

Killiney Boat Launch Closed for Repairs


Repairs begin at Two RDCO Boat Launches

With the busy boating season behind us, two Regional District facilities will be closed while undergoing repairs this month. First...

Lake Okanagan Resort

Board discussion on the proposal put forward by the representatives for Lake Okanagan Resort. You can tell from the Board Members questions and comments that we were looking for upgrades and repairs to the existing properties. Instead we were presented a proposal for new development with no guaranteed commitment that new...

Power Outage North Westside

Power went out in the North Westside at 3:42 PM today during a torrential downpour with lots of thunder and lightening. UPDATE: Relatively short one this time power off for about 3.5 hours, right through dinner time unfortunately....