RDCO CAO Brief & White Rock Lake Bulletin issued by BC Wildfire.

In an effort to provide as much information as I get, here is an update from RDCO CAO and one of the EOC Directors Brian Reardon to the RDCO Board. To get the latest official information go to cordemergency.ca this will also provide the RDCO officials with contact information for notifications to those who have suffered major damage or the loss of your home. Stay safe the goal now is to get us back into our community to deal with the aftermath of this horrific incident.


Attached for your information is a copy of yesterday’s K61884 White Rock Lake Community Bulletin Aug 19 issued by BC Wildfire.

This past week has been indescribable.  The beginning of the week saw significant loses to communities located in the North Westside with approximately 75 properties suffering significant fire damage on Sunday evening and Monday morning.  Despite all of the work and preparations that had been done the rank 6 fire activity breached all of the defences put in place.  The North Westside Fire department did an amazing job saving dozens if not hundreds of homes.  Along with other structural firefighting personnel their bravery and training was put to the test and they performed in a manner that exceeded expectations.  They continue to put out spot fires on a daily basis.  The site remains an active fire site and there is much work to be done before it is safe to return.  Chair Given and Director Carson’s messaging has been well received.

We are already planning recovery measures next week starting with a tour of the site for those property owners who suffered loses due to the fire on Monday and Tuesday next week followed by a hybrid virtual town hall for affected residents.  I can’t say enough about the dedication of everyone in the Emergency Operations Centre during this event and how well they performed in supporting the fire crews and managing this crisis.

The weekend crew in the EOC has been transitioned into place and will continue supporting fire crews and the residents impacted by the fire.  Our primary focus continues to be the response to the fire with work already turning to the recovery mode.  All of these plans are subject to favourable weather and advancements being made in the fire fight.

A verbal report further updating the Board will be provided at Monday’s meeting.  If you have any specific questions I will do my best to answer them.


Brian Reardon, CAO
Brian Reardon | Corporate Administration

Regional District of Central Okanagan
250-469-6235 | Brian.Reardon@rdco.com
Connect with us | rdco.com

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