Additional Information

Here is a January 2017 report from Interior Health DRINKING WATER for EVERYONE and another report Water. These will provide information on the filtration aspect of our drinking water and what regulations and issues we will face as we move closer to the filtration requirements for our drinking water systems.

2012 RDCO Water Utility Rate Report for the Electoral Area water systems

Here is an excellent website that explains Type 1, drug 2 & 3 septic systems the Septic Expert.

Frequently ask Questions for Type II & III Systems Capital Regional District  On-site Sewage System Maintenance Bylaw.

Onsite Sewage System Management BC Government Regulations

Another link providing more information on ground and surface water contamination is This is a company that sells water filtration devices but the information they provide on both contamination and filtration make for more interesting reading on this most important subject of providing a safe and clean water option for your home and family. I believe these “point of entry” systems are the future for individual small rural homes and communities.

Multi million dollar centralized filtration and sewage plants are neither practical nor affordable for these small rural applications.