Lake Okanagan Resort sued over real estate deal

I have received several complaints such as below recently about the state of repaair at Lake Okanagan Resort in particular their services and buildings.

Hi Wayne,
We live at XXXX Westside Road North. Our property borders LOR on the south side. Over the last few years, we’ve filed several complaints with RDCO Bylaw, regarding the garbage dumpsters which are only a few feet from our property line. The issues have been looked after for the most part.
We have now filed a new complaint with RDCO regarding the old staff house, next to the dumpsters. I’m enclosing several pictures, which I believe speak for themselves. Not only is it a horrible, dangerous mess, we believe it’s also a fire hazard. The one basement door is once again wide open- maybe someone lives there? Just don’t know. In a perfect world, I’d like to see the old staff house destroyed, and those garbage dumpsters moved. All we smell is garbage in the warm evenings, as the wind blows down hill. Please let us know if you can offer any help or advice- and please go check it out yourself! Unsightly premises at the very least. We did just file complaint with RDCO today, so I do understand it’ll take a bit of time to hear from them.
Thank you,
Name removed to protect the innocent.


Castanet  Cindy White September 16 2022 • 4:00 AM Lake Okanagan Resort sued over real estate deal (notes that the Regional District of Central Okanagan’s official community plan…)

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