Terms of Reference – Governance and services study moves ahead

NORTH WESTSIDE Governance Study Terms of Reference DRAFT was passed by the RDCO Board at the Monday, Dec. 06 2021 meeting.

The Regional Board approved the framework for a governance and services study for the Central Okanagan West electoral area. It is our intention to start advertising for Committee Members in January 2022 to sit on this Governance Committee. This committee will be responsible for preparing a document that will give Committee Members and then residents through public meetings a solid understanding of our current services, their cost and how they are delivered. As well possible options may be explored for how Local Government can be achieved for the North Westside providing more autonomy and a more direct voice in services that RDCO do not deliver or seem to have the ability to influence.

December 8, 2021 – RDCO Information Release

Governance and services study moves ahead

The framework as outlined in the Terms of Reference will be used to guide the study process which is expected to see a final report delivered by the end of September next year.

Next steps include:

  • Developing a Request for Proposals seeking an independent, private consultant with experience in the governance and services studies to work with an appointed Study Committee to deliver the final report
  • The Central Okanagan West area director will recommend members to serve on the Study Committee, subject to Regional Board approval

The study will:

  • Describe the governance of unincorporated areas, contrasted with governance of municipalities as appropriate for clarity
  • Describe how decisions are made in each local government jurisdiction for each of the local government services received
  • Identify and describe the different roles, responsibilities, and jurisdictions of all service providers, including the costs and cost recovery method for services
  • Identify geographies of concurrent services and cohesive community identities; and,
  • Engage residents and property owners in the identification of common interests and concerns

It’s important to note that the Ministry of Municipal Affairs says this is not an incorporation study. Rather, the governance and services study will build on the recommendations of the 2017 North Westside Services and Community Issues Review. It will see opportunities for engaging with North Westside residents, to understand their concerns and interests about governance and to identify options within the regional district framework for addressing their most pressing needs.

The study is funded in part by a $60,000 Provincial government restructure planning grant.

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