Power Outage – Westside Road

The power was out again along Westside Road in the Central Okanagan Regional District. The reported cause was a wire down and the power was out from approximatly 7:30 pm and came back on at 11:45 pm. Hopefully when the three phase feed from the north is completed this stretch of Westside Road will have a second source of power.

The concern for the North Westside is with the loss of power our various public and private water systems are not getting their reservoirs replenished as the pumps are reliant upon electrical power to operate. The exception is the Valley of the Sun / Upper Fintry system as it has emergency generators on both the main pump and the lift station that continues to operate and supply water to the system regardless of the  BC Hydro grid.

During my time as fire chief in North Westside I repeatedly requested emergency generation be given consideration for both the Killiney and Westshore systems, to no avail. Generators would allow the fire department to deploy Structural Protection Sprinklers in the more densely populated sub divisions and give the department a fighting chance of protecting your home during an interface event.

Please try to conserve water as much as possible during the power outages. The fire department has its hands tied without a large constant supply of water … that wont be there if people are watering their lawns and washing cars during a power outage. The pumps on the Engines alone can require >1000 gallons per minute and we have two engines.

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