Power Outage – Wind Storm

UPDATE 10:37pm Back in the 21st Century power restored.

428pm Crews are on- site. It is trees on the lines and they are estimating power back on by 10:00pm. There are 1965 of us in this outage with many more outages still being addressed through out the region.

Looks like the North Westside is in  the dark again. The wind storm last night took out power grids all across the Lower Mainland and the Southern Interior. At 6:28am at the height of the wind storm some tree out there found our power feed. Thanks to wood heat and an emergency generator life is warm and cozy at home.

At 1:50pm crews are “assigned” but not yet on scene so it will probably be a while yet for the power to be restored. When I checked several hours ago we were listed as assigned at that time

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