Power Outage Chronology – North Westside

Apparently the wind storm we had this morning has caused havoc with BC Hydro. The power went off in Killiney Beach and the rest of the North Westside at 12:16 pm Oct 17 and is still off at 5:30 pm when this post is going out. The cause is listed as tree on wires.

Here we are 9:00 pm and still no power in Killiney Beach. Pinecrest with the Vernon feed was out but restored around 8:00 pm. The rest of us still in the dark, BC Hydro Outages site still lists us as assigned but no crew onsite. Conserve water the water system reservoirs will not be doing well with no power to the pumps to replenish them for hours and through dinner and early evening higher usage.

It’s now 9:40 am the next morning and still no power. Checking the BC Hydro Outage Site we are listed as: Crew status: Assigned
Est. arrival: Oct 18 10:30 a.m. so crews are not even on site yet and the cause is still listed as A tree down across our wires. I’m sure by now that the upper reservoirs in Killiney Beach are empty and the lower one plus the other water systems in the North Westside are drained. The exception to this is the Valley of the Sun/ Upper Fintry System that has backup electrical generators on the pumps. All are systems should have this capacity as we as a community are prone to “end of the line” power supply issues which means lots of power outages. Please conserve water and be careful with any candles or use of open flame and space heaters.

11:33 am Update from Hydro Outage Site shows estimated time back on as Oct 18, 3:00 pm. There is a crew onsite so hopefully the estimated time on is accurate.

5:00 pm I just checked the BC Hydro Outage Site and the new restoration of power time is 6:30 pm this evening. This must be one big tree.

7:04 pm latest update on the outage web site now estimating power to be back by 8:00 pm. FYI the RDCO has just released a Water Quality Advisory for Killiney Beach & Westshore water systems. The same precaution should be used on all water delivery systems that experienced an interruption due to the power failure.

8:21 pm update gives a new estimated time for restoration is now 9:00 pm

Back on at Oct 18 @ 9:59             

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