North Westside Standing Committee – Workshop – Video Link Available

The second meeting of the North Westside Provincial Restructuring Planning Grant Committee met in a Workshop format (Documents & Workshop Video) to move forward by developing the NWCA’s request for an in depth look into governance options and their associated costs into a motion for support and action from the RDCO Board. The action is a formal Board request to the Provincial Ministry for Urban Affairs for funding and support for the Re-structuring Study. The options we are currently looking to explore are: 1/ Status Quo with current model for comparison 2/ Incorporation 3/ Shifting Regional District boundaries to move the North Westside to be included in the North Okanagan Regional District as an electoral area.

Options 2 & 3 would provide us with a snapshot look at what governance would look like and cost under these different models. Should the Board support the application motion and the Provincial Ministry of Urban Affairs’ grant the request the first step would be to advertise for residents to apply to sit on the Provincially structured but Regionally selected and supported Citizens Governance Committee.

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