RDCO Response to White Rock Lake Wildfire community questions

I have received this Communication White Rock Lake Wildfire from RDCO in response to the Post to The People of the North Westside Facebook page regarding actions that occurred during the White Rock Lake Wildfire; that did so much damage in our community. I questioned RDCO Management as to the email requests that received no written response from RDCO by the NWCA. These were questions that community members and NWCA Board Members have had relayed to them and deserve prompt answers. This has now been recognized by RDCO as an important step to addressing the main issue of concern (communications and transparency) from the North Westside Services and Community Issues Review_Final Report. A new policy will in the future ensure that all written requests for information will be responded to promptly with a written response to those inquiries. Hopefully this will address the communications and transparency issues that seem to plague the relationship between the residents and taxpayers of Central Okanagan West and their Local Government.

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