NWCA June 2016 Newsletter


If you missed the Community Open House that was held on May 26th, this newsletter provides you with an update.

  • We had about 120 attendees.
  • When asked how many were interested in having a governance study, to find out if our present form of governance is best, or should another option be considered that can save the residents substantial taxes,
    • There was an overwhelming majority show of hands!

It’s so great to see our community stand together in strength…and want to be taken seriously.  We are entitled to be included in decisions that effect our community and have the voice of our elected representative heard.  We have identified community needs and set goals for service that currently, are not being met.  After all, ensuring that our tax dollars are fairly spent is what we all want.

Meeting Highlights

Governance Study

Our community is ready for a governance study.  We have volunteers going door to door with a petition.  If you are missed please fill in our online petition.  Or, email president@nwcaonline.ca and we’ll have somebody drop by your home and you can sign the paper petition.

Sign the Petition


List of upcoming Community Events and how readers can get involved:

If sufficient interest:
If we have sufficient interest, we will offer this activity this summer.  Email:


Parent meeting
Youth Nights

We are considering starting a “Youth Nights” starting in July if there is sufficient interest.  Join us at the community hall at 7 pm on Thursday, July 7th for a parents meeting.  For more info:


Friday, July 1
Canada Day BBQ

The NWCA is hosting a FREE BBQ in Westshore Park 12-4pm.

Enjoy an afternoon of music with our local talented musicians.  Our fire fighters are supplying and scooping up free ice cream.

Also, a one day return of the Mosaic Market vendors.  Fun for all!


July 6 at 6pm 

Soccer Fundraiser

At Westshore Park.  Silent auction, bake sale, cake raffle, 50/50 draw.  Pie and egg Coach Mike! If you have items to donate for the auction please contact Danni at 250-558-7906

North Westside in the Media 

North Westside fights back (Vernon Morning Star – 8 June, 2016)

“Civil unrest is breaking out in the North Westside area.  Many residents are increasingly fed up with the Regional District of Central Okanagan and the perception that their interests aren’t taken seriously.”


North Westside furor continues  (Vernon Morning Star – 3 June, 2016)

“Carson objects to the 10 municipal board members determining where the money is spent in the two electoral areas…Carson says neither he or the community have any direct say over where money goes and the ultimate decision is left up to RDCO administration and the board.”


North Westside governance reviewed  (Vernon Morning Star – 29 May 2016)

Those at Thursday’s meeting were asked if they want a governance study.  “It was overwhelming. No one objected to the process,” said Carson, who admits that any review will be lengthy and there is no guarantee governance will change.

Local News and NWCA Accomplishments

The NWCA has been working hard to improve our community.

Power Pole & Fire Service Implementation: An email was sent out to Chair Gail Given on April 23rd concerning the hydro pole planted on a beach site on Killiney Beach; the fire service implementation; and a sample of resident concerns of water rate costs.  No response has been received as of June 14th.

Utility Pole   image

New funded bandstand is in the works (read all about it in the Vernon Star).  We were hoping to have the bandstand set up by Canada Day.  However, the latest phone call from RDCO (June 9) informed us that it will not be up because it has not been ordered yet and in fact a company has not even been selected yet.  No requests for quotations have been posted for the bandstand construction or for the site preparation.  We were also hoping to have our water fountain installed in time for soccer start up in May…but, no.

Water reservoir costs again rise in Westshores:

Westshore water system cost started at $300,000 then increased to $850,000 and now is $1.3 million dollars and the community knows nothing about this project…and it’s still an estimate.  Listen here.  The Governance Committee that has been formed is working closely with Director Wayne Carson, and our residents to provide a voice for our community through a petition, crowdfunding, and other activities as needed.

Check out our web site at www.nwcaonline.ca

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