NORWEXIT For North Westside

How about that petition campaign for the Governance Study both online petition and door to door are doing well. I have never seen support for any issue as strong as the support for this study as shown in the petition  drive and the recent Town Hall Meeting in Killiney Beach Hall.

684 people voted in the 2014 Civic General election in Central Okanagan West and that included Wilson’s Landing / Traders Cove, Trepanier, Crystal Mountain, Brent Road as well as IR#9 & #10 with 8-10,000 eligible voters. The North Westside area has a population of approximately 1500 full time residents and accounted for a large percentage of votes cast by polling station.

With this in mind my wife Michelle as 1 of 4 canvassers assigned to Killiney Beach has collected well over 100 signatures and is not yet finished her area! The other volunteers will be reporting numbers soon but all initial indications are they have been well received with strong support for the Study. The North Westside Governance Committee will tally and report a preliminary total, hopefully for our Canada Day Celebration in Westshore Park.

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