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This was sent to R.D.C.O. at 9:44 AM Friday October 17th for posting on their web site:


My name is Wayne Carson and I am seeking your support in the upcoming election on  Nov 15 2014 for Central Okanagan West Electoral Area Director. This is an extremely important position to the residents of the many small communities that make up this rural electoral district. I will provide a strong voice for you my taxpayers and residents that live in these areas. I pledge to work with the residents in developing the policies that will be used to provide direction to RDCO Management from the Regional Board’s position. This direction could be specific to the different individual communities or developed in conjunction with the larger area for broader issues such as Regional Parks or Waste Management to ensure that the taxpayer wishes not those of RDCO management are what is delivered. The needs and aspirations within these small communities that make up Central Okanagan West have been ignored and disregarded for too long. This state of affairs has left the residents without any realistic input to the services and costs associated with those services and their management.

In the end it is the residents and property owners that reside within Central Okanagan West that pay all the cost associated with the implementation and delivery of the various services we need and require to enjoy our lifestyle in the rural setting we have grown to love. Don’t let escalating costs drive you from your community. During my more than twenty years with the North Westside Fire/Rescue I, cialis with the support of the local community association and interested members of the community saved the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars using the advisory committees with a community hands on approach.

Please contact me or go to my web site where I will be posting information relevant to issues within or effecting Central Okanagan West residents.

The small unique communities that are Central Okanagan West need a strong voice at the Regional District. I am that voice.

If you have concerns or questions regarding your R.D.C.O. services or their cost please contact me at:

Web Site:


Cell Phone: 250-558-9484

Home Phone 250-542-4516

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