Early Voting Opportunity Tuesday October 16

There is another early voting opportunity this Tuesday October 16 from 8am – 8pm. Polls are located at the Killiney Beach Community Hall at 516 Udell Road next to the fire hall and at the WFN Headquarters building at the traffic circle by the end of Westside Road.

Please get out and vote this is an important election if you wish to continue to have a strong voice in the service and functionary costs associated with the running of the communities in Central Okanagan West. Unlike my competitor that declared at the all Candidates Forum he is running to “add some zest to his life” and clearly did not have a platform or any credible knowledge on the responsibilities and duties of the director’s position nor the issues and concerns of the residents he wishes to represent. I on the other hand have been there to represent the true wants and needs of the taxpaying residents of Brent Road, Crystal Mountain, Trepanier and all along Westside Road through Wilsons Landing/ Traders Cove and the North Westside for the last four years.

Without a clear understanding of the work done over last four years and the many issues and concerns of the residents brought forward by these different communities how can my competitor even begin to help. The claim that he will “drill down” and find out the concerns AFTER the election is disingenuous at best and just another empty promise by a politician at worst. As he lives on Westbank First Nations land he and his neighbors are eligible to vote in Central Okanagan West but… their taxes go to Westbank First Nations and any services received from RDCO (sewer for example) on IR#9 or IR#10 (IR stands for Indian Reserve) are negotiated directly with Chief and Council and are not discussed or voted on by the RDCO Board of Directors.

My record is clear and is very transparent; all items of concern to Central Okanagan West that have come before the RDCO Board are itemized and detailed on waynecarson.ca. I see my job as your representative to do just that; represent the issues you have brought to me.

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