Community Support for Governance Study

A Page on the Fundrazr Web Site has been established to assist in the Governance exploratory effort in the North Westside area. This Page has been set up by the Governance Committee of the North Westside Communities Association to provide funding for incidentals such as media releases, medical newsletters, viagra venue space, erectile consultants etc. If you are able and inclined to contribute thank you and please leave a comment your remarks are important to us.

. To contribute go to:

Please remember any decision on a governance change will be the communities in a referendum vote after receiving the blessings of the Minister of Community, Sport & Culture. What is a must on this path is reliable information on a governance model including financial accountability to and for the residents that pay for those services that local government should represent.

A Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for this Thursday May 26 2016 at the Killiney Beach Community Hall at 7:00 PM. This is your community, taxes and services we are discussing your opinion matters come and express it, meet your neighbours and be a part of determining our future.


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