Two Elections … One Candidate

I have decided to try for a Kelowna Council seat as well as the Central Okanagan West Director spot.  Yes this is legal and yes it has occurred several times across the province in previous elections.  There is no conflict of interest as several Kelowna Councillors currently sit on the RDCO Board and Kelowna Council Meetings have to be coordinated with RDCO Meetings for this very reason.  I am retired and this second seat would be like a part time job, many Directors and Councillors currently hold their positions while working both full and part time jobs.

If elected to both positions I would sit at the RDCO Board as the Central Okanagan West Director and on Kelowna Council as a councillor with no RDCO appointment as I can only physically and legally occupy one seat at the Regional District level.  Kelowna has nine positions with Mayor and Council and can send seven appointed representatives to the RDCO Board, so they currently have two spares that operate as alternate Directors.

Why run in Kelowna?  The road blocks for issues in the electoral areas have mainly been from a small group of Kelowna representatives that have deliberately blocked all initiatives put forward or championed by the two  electoral area Directors.  This is costing the Electoral Area taxpayers significant money in both taxes and utility rates and leaves us as second class citizens in our own governance structure, that needs to change.  It is my hope that there is a turn over of several incumbent Councillors and the Mayor in Kelowna and that I can be a part of the new team and get a fresh start in building a relationship between Kelowna and her municipal and electoral area neighbours.  It is time for a more tolerant and inclusive attitude when it comes to the governance of Kelowna, the RDCO as well as the surrounding communities.

For more information click on the relevant links. Electoral Area Election Platform. Kelowna Council Election Platform.  If you have questions or inquiries I can be contacted at or 250-801-4859.  It is my hope I can bring good legislation and a more inclusive attitude to Local Government and get something done for everyone.

Please get out and vote.

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