RDCO Water Rate Public Meeting – Killiney Beach

RDCO Release: New Water Rates Start July 1st

The Regional Board has adopted bylaws adjusting water rates for customers of the six water utilities operated by the Regional District.  The changes in both the User Fees and Asset Renewal Fees will take place on July 1st and in January 2020, 2021 and 2022.  The last water rate adjustments were in January 2016.

Customers were informed of the new rates by letter and to subscribers of the RDCO water e-notification program.  As well, two information meetings were held for residents affected in the Falcon Ridge and North Westside communities. The Regional District operates the Killiney Beach, Westshore Estates, Sunset Ranch, Falcon Ridge, Upper Fintry and Star Place water systems with just over 1,000 connections.

Rate Information Panels

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Water System Regulations Bylaw No. 1370



Killiney and Westshore Water System Water Quality Update
Interior Health requires water purveyors in the Okanagan to meet specific water quality and treatment objectives.

Killiney and Westshore water systems meet many of Interior Health’s current specific water quality objectives including zero Coliforms and E. coli and Inactivation of viruses and bacteria. However, both systems are still non-compliant with regard to having two water treatment processes and Inactivation of Cryptosporidium.

Currently, chlorination is the only method used to treat drinking water delivered to Killiney and Westshore water system customers.
The Regional District’s water quality monitoring program integrates source monitoring as well as the quality in the distribution system. Bacteria (total and E. coli) are tested weekly and full chemical tests are done every two years. In addition, protozoa testing has been done and all results were negative for Cryptosporidium and/or Giardia.
The Regional District plans to incorporate an Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system within the next five years, which will bring the Westshore and Killiney water systems in compliance with all current Interior Health objectives. Due to leakage and deterioration of the Westshore and Killiney water distribution infrastructure major improvements to pipe and reservoirs are required prior to designing and building a UV treatment facility to ensure capital and operating costs are minimized.
For more information please contact RDCO Environmental Services 250-469-6241 or email engineer@cord.bc.ca

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