Okanagan Lake Levels – PEAK??

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Looks like with luck we will not meet or exceed the 243.0 meter prediction made earlier this season.  That is the old record (1948 I believe) not the all time new record from 2017 of 243.249 meters set on or around June 09 2017 where from that point the lake continued to decline and we entered fire season.

From the EOC:

Okanagan Lake currently sits at 342.64 metres and normal high-water level is 342.48 metres. This is expected to rise to 342.8 metres, which is 46 centimetres below the 2017 high. The situation can still change however, especially if we get a major rain event or high heat speeds up the high elevation snow melt.

Residents can monitor lake levels at wateroffice.ec.gc.ca and those near floodplains are asked to continue to prepare for high water. All measures used last year to protect property should be implemented this year.

Those along the waterfront are urged to take precautions, including securing their docks and making sure boat anchor lines are long enough so they don’t snap if water continues to rise.

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