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It’s time to cut the CORD is an article from the April 12 2018 Kelowna Daily Courier.  It appears the cancelled Governance & Services and following RDCO Board Meeting scheduled then cancelled for April 12 2018 has attracted the interest of the media.  I to, as a Board Member was surprised at this cancellation, there have been cancellations in the past but I believe they all occurred in August due to vacation conflicts and emergencies such as flooding or fires.  This close to Budget passing was a unique closure in my recollection.

Firstly from the perspective of the Electoral Areas our governance is not even mentioned in this article even though the RDCO Board represents itself as the “Council” for the Electoral Areas.  This is a perspective much easier to acknowledge and work with as an appointed Board Member from one of the municipalities than from the position of an  elected official to the Board from an Electoral Area … whose authority and autonomy are replaced by the will of the municipal majority vote of the Board.  So much for elections! Again the Tyranny of the Majority wins leaving the Electoral Area residents subject to the will and direction of those that do not pay, contribute or participate in the local services whose cost and scope they are determining for us.  This is not democracy.

I have included the RDCO Response as well as one from the North Westside to this article.

RDCO Response

Good afternoon all

At the request of Chair Given, we have posted a response on our Just the Facts webpage to an opinion column yesterday by Ron Seymour in the Daily Courier.

We have and will continue to monitor media for reaction.  At this point nothing has surfaced in the regular channels.


Bruce Smith

Communications & Intergovernmental Affairs Officer

Regional District of Central Okanagan



Just The Facts

Occasionally, information provided to the public and local media by the Regional District may be misinterpreted or misunderstood. As a result, sometimes a correction is needed when media stories or Letters from the public are published containing a factual error/errors.

As needed, on this webpage you’ll find ‘Just the Facts’, with corrections or clarifications.

Media should direct any inquiries to:

Bruce Smith
Communications Officer


April 13th 2018 – An opinion piece ‘It’s time to cut the CORD’ in the April 12th edition of the Daily Courier may leave readers with a misconception regarding the work duties and annual remuneration paid to Regional District directors.

Bylaw 1247, adopted in 2009, sets out the remuneration for all Directors, elected and appointed to the Regional Board.

While the opinion column focusses on meeting attendance and extrapolates an hourly wage for Directors, there is much more involved with the total remuneration than a simplistic hourly rate calculation.

Directors are appointed to sit on various internal and external committees.  Directors meet with other agencies and government officials to discuss subjects of mutual interest to their residents.  Directors also are available to hear from their constituents on a wide variety of service issues or other matters of concern, whether it’s curbside garbage and recycling pickup, dogs in parks, to water and sewer matters to name a few.  And of course, Directors must prepare in advance of Board meetings to debate the issues and make informed decisions as they carry out the corporations business.

It is a rare occurrence for a meeting to be cancelled, however they are subject to having items and staff reports available for consideration.   Occasionally, as was the case on April 12th, there were no reports approved for consideration of the Board by the meeting agenda deadline of April 5th, and as a result, the meeting was cancelled.

With local elections scheduled for this fall, anyone considering a run for office may wish to consider all of the duties and responsibilities involved with the job, including meeting attendance.

Community Response:

Hi Ron,

Michelle Carson here, vice president of the North Westside Communities Association (NWCA).

I have to say that I absolutely love your article on April 12 – It’s Time to Cut the CORD

You have hit the nail on the head, truer words have never been written!

If you recall and I am sure you do, that our residents in the North Westside have had ongoing issues with CORD and the services they provide and the astronomical cost of those services.  We still have been unable to obtain a diagnostic analysis of these services despite the fact that it was one of the recommendations made in the final report to the Regional Board by EcoPlan International.

To date we are still waiting for any positive movement to the list of recommendations made to the Regional Board by EcoPlan, the independent consultant hired to conduct the provincially approved North Westside Services & Issues Review.

Sure, the board directed staff to do a report, the report was made to the board which for the most part ignored the main recommendations and resulted in….nothing, just more costs for their time which resulted in, you got it…nothing.  No progress on this whatsoever!

Actually, prior to a motion being passed by the Regional Board directing staff to address the recommendations made by EcoPlan a motion was made by an electoral area director to follow what had been recommended as best practice, which was to hire an independent consultant to determine what is the best direction for the North Westside communities.  Sadly, this motion was defeated by the overwhelming number of directors representing the large municipalities…whose residents, as you pointed out in your article, are paying a hefty price to provide unwanted control over our governance in the electoral areas.

Thanks Ron,

Michelle Carson




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