Evacuation Order Rescinded – La Casa to Shalal Road / Water Quality Advisory

Water Quality Advisory for Upper Fintry, Westshore and Killiney Beach water systems August 9, 2021

The Regional District of Central Okanagan has issued a precautionary Water Quality Advisory for all customers of three of its community water systems along Westside Road.

A power outage stemming from the White Rock Lake wildfire and high water use for fire protection, can affect water quality.  BC Hydro restored electrical service to the RDCO areas it serves along Westside Road yesterday afternoon.  It had been off since Friday evening.

The Water Quality Advisory is in place until further notice for the Upper Fintry-Shalal Road-Valley of the Sun and Westshore Estates water systems.  A previously issued Water Quality Advisory remains in effect for the Killiney Beach water system.

The advisory affects approximately 731 properties connected to the three water systems.

As a precaution it’s recommended that all customers for these systems, especially those with weakened immune systems, children and the elderly should boil all water intended for drinking, washing fruit and vegetables, making beverages, ice or brushing teeth for at least one minute.  As a safe alternative to boiled water from the tap, customers may choose to use bottled or distilled water.

The advisory will remain in effect until further notice and testing confirms water quality is within acceptable Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines.

For information visit the Regional District website water system webpage (rdco.com/water) or contact RDCO Environmental Services at engineer@rdco.com or 250-469-6241.  To subscribe online for Regional District water quality advisories or alerts by email visit rdco.com/water.

The Regional District’s six water systems provide service to just over 1,100 connections for residents in the Central Okanagan East and Central Okanagan West electoral areas.

This Water Quality Advisory  for RDCO Water Systems (Valley of the Sun/Upper Fintry, Killiney Beach & Westshores) should apply to all water systems that were without power. This would include Estamont, Fintry Delta & La Casa. RDCO only issues alerts for systems they operate. Until all these systems can be flushed and water quality tested precautions should be taken to protect your health. 

Monday, August 9, 2021 – 4:08pm

Order Rescinded

The Evacuation Order has been rescinded for La Casa Lakeside Resort, Fintry, Upper Fintry and Shalal Road and properties north of and including 6409 Westside Road to La Casa. Residents for these properties may now return home and remain on Evacuation Alert.  They must continue to be prepared to leave their homes on short notice should fire conditions change.  A detailed map showing the updated Evacuation Order and Alert area is available at www.cordemergency.ca/map.

The new Alert Area includes properties in communities along Westside Road from the south end of Valley of the Sun to north of and including 6409 Westside Road.

Returning residents should be aware electricity was off from Friday evening until BC Hydro was able to restore electrical service yesterday afternoon.

Residents should consider potential food safety, water and sewage disposal issues related to the loss of power during a wildfire. Interior Health has information residents may consider to stay food safe and urge ‘When in doubt, throw it out’.  Specific food safety information is available on the Interior Health website:

The Regional District of Central Okanagan has issued Water Quality Advisories for the Upper Fintry-Shalal Rd.-Valley of the Sun and Westshore Estates water systems due to the wildfire.  A previous Water Quality Advisory for the Killiney Beach water system remains in place.  Visit www.rdco.com/wateropen_in_new for details.

Alert Rescinded

The previous Evacuation Alert has been removed for the Westside Road communities from north of Traders Cove to south of 6409 Westside Road.  This Alert has also been removed for public lands north of Bear Lake Main and Esperon Creek Forest Service Roads to the western RDCO boundary. Visit www.cordemergency.ca/map for a detailed map.

Evacuation Order Continues, conditions remain unpredictable

The Evacuation Order continues for areas along Westside Road from the northern RDCO boundary to the south end of Valley of the Sun.  The Order also includes a mostly rural area of forest service roads outside the boundary of the North Westside Fire Service Area to the west of Westshore Estates and includes public lands within the RDCO boundary north and west of the Valley of the Sun subdivision.

The White Rock Lake wildfire remains classified as out of control by the BC Wildfire Services.

While there has been reduced fire activity and rain these past few days, the wildfire remains unpredictable and unsafe. As such, assessments for structural damage have not been conducted in some areas that are difficult to access via land or air. At this time there are 125 structural firefighters working alongside local fire departments to protect structures.

The Emergency Operation Centre and BC Wildfire are frequently assessing potential changes for all current Evacuation Orders and Alerts.  Adjustments will only be made when conditions are safe for residents to return. As soon as new information is available and confirmed, the Central Okanagan Emergency Operations Centre will communicate updates directly using the e-subscribe on cordemergency.caopen_in_new, on the website and our Facebook and Twitter page.

“While it is good news to be able to rescind a number of the evacuation orders at this time, allowing residents and property owners to access their homes, it is important that the public remains on alert,” says Michael Mercer, Director, Central Okanagan Emergency Operations. “We are anticipating unpredictable winds in the valley and extreme heat in the coming days, which means conditions can change quickly.”

Be prepared: have a plan, pack essentials, arrange for pets and animals, and make sure you are subscribed to receive official communications from the Central Okanagan Emergency Operations Centre at cordemergency.caopen_in_new.

Emergency Support Services

Emergency Support Services volunteers are staffing a reception centre at 1480 Sutherland Avenue in Kelowna.  It is open today until 8 p.m. to assist local residents who have been evacuated and others from around the province with in-person registration, and food and lodging assistance.

Evacuees and those on Alert can also register with ESS online at ess.gov.bc.caopen_in_new.

Residents with pets and livestock that are on Evacuation Alert should pre-arrange animal housing needs with family and friends, as there is limited pet boarding available. Non-residents and those visiting in the Evacuation area should consider safely returning to their communities as ESS is also providing services for evacuees from across the Province.

Emergency response personnel request that the public:

For more information about this wildfire, visit cordemergency.ca, sign up for e-updates, or call the information line at 250-469-8490.

Sunday, August 8, 2021 – 4:55pm

At this point, there is no change in either the Evacuation Order or Alert.

A further update will be provided via the www.cordemergency.ca website and sent to those who have e-subscribed.

BC Wildfire says the fire saw minimal growth today and is estimated at 55,700 hectares.  It remains out of control.  While BC Wildfire indicates current weather conditions have resulted in diminished fire behavior in some areas, its’ anticipated that a return to warm and dry conditions later in the week could see more active fire behavior.

Structural firefighters from North Westside Fire Rescue are patrolling in its service area and along with BC Wildfire firefighters and equipment are providing protection and FireSmart practises to area properties.

This afternoon, BC Hydro restored electrical service along Westside Road. The power had been out since Friday evening.  For the latest information visit www.bchydro.com/outagesopen_in_new.

We recognize there have been reports from residents of structural damage in the rural, forested area to the west of the Westshore Estates subdivision. The Emergency Operations Centre is working with BC Wildfire to confirm this information for this area, which is outside of official structural fire protection service area boundaries.

Emergency Support Services volunteers are staffing a reception centre at 1480 Sutherland Avenue in Kelowna.  Its’ open today until 8 p.m. to assist residents with in-person registration, and those requiring food and lodging assistance.  The centre will be open tomorrow (Monday) from 12 – 8 p.m.

Emergency response personnel request that the public:

For more information about this wildfire, visit cordemergency.ca, sign up for e-updates, or call the information line at 250-469-8490.


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