EOC Release – Debris Clean-Up Okanagan Lake – Barge Contact

Arrangements for clean-up of debris from Okanagan Lake as a result of flooding, wave and wind action during the current high water is being arranged now.  If you have material on your shoreline that needs removal the contacts for the Emergency Operations Center are listed here.  I have highlighted the EA West Contacts in red.  Provide the location of the debris to the barge operator through these contacts if you have this material on your shoreline.

RDCO will be moving forward in the next several weeks as the water level on the lake returns to a more normal level and the possibility of potential future damage to water front infrastructure lessens.  Be patient this will take some time the barge moves slowly and has a huge area to clean up.  We must avoid this material being illegally disposed of in the forest behind our communities, the fuel loading is already at a critical level and we do not need to unnecessarily increase the fire danger to our homes.

Subject: Debris Clean-Up Okanagan Lake – Barge EAF 26009


For coordination of debris removal in Okanagan Lake and on Okanagan Lake foreshores please see the following regional contacts that can assist the barge operator in locating debris. Please provide the barge operators contact information in response to this email so everyone listed in this email can contact the operator of the barge as more debris continues to wash ashore/float in the lake from future wind events. The barge will likely be deployed sometime next week. EOC Operations will have new EOC staff starting next week and will have limited availability to support coordination of the barge moving forward.


Primary: Don Dungate, (250) 212-3347

Secondary: Blair Stewart, Office: (250) 469-8843, Cell: (250) 575-7412

  • Large trees and debris (one stuck off shore, should be flagged)
    • Approximate Location: Rotary Beach
  • Dock, trees and large woody debris
    • Approximate Location: Blue Bird Beach
  • Trees and large woody debris
    • Approximate Location: Gyro Beach
  • Trees and large woody debris
    • Approximate Location: Maude Roxby

City of West Kelowna

Primary: Stacy Harding, Office: (778) 797-8808, Cell: (250) 258-1443

Secondary: Mark Roberts, Office: (778) 797-8809, Cell: (250) 212-7214

  • Large piece of debris reported on shore
    • Approximate Location: Paddle Wheeler Park
  • Big dock on grass
    • Approximate Location: Willow Point


Primary: Brad Ackerman, Office: (250) 469-6210, Cell: (250) 215-3468

Secondary: Todd Cashin, Office: (250) 469-6227, Cell: (250) 212-4425

  • A cabin has slid into Okanagan Lake near 7164 Brent Road

Westbank First Nations

Primary: Jonathan Ford, Office: (250) 769-4999, Cell: (250) 863-5439

  • No debris to report at this time for Westbank First Nations


Primary: Cheryl Wiebe, Office: (250) 767-3714, Cell: (250) 718-0584

Secondary: Dennis Craig, Office/Cell: (250) 767-2841

  • No debris to report at this time for Peachland

Lake Country

Primary: Sid Smith, Office: (250) 766-5650, Cell: (250) 317-9169

  • No debris reported to the EOC from Lake Country at this time

Contact: RDCO Emergency Operations Centre

Ph: (250) 469-8495

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