Election Results for Central Okanagan West

Well the election is over and the signs have come down. The election results have been posted and the official announcement is scheduled for Wednesday October 24 2018. I appreciate the support I have received over the last four years. I am looking forward to moving Central Okanagan West issues and concerns forward to the new RDCO Board.

Moving forward I will continue to post items of interest to the residents and ratepayers of Central Okanagan West on my web site waynecarson.ca or you can email me direct at wayne.carson@cord.bc.ca  or call 250-801-4859.

This term, working with the Central Okanagan East Director Mark Bartyik we would like to expand the scope and mandate of the APC (Area Planning Commission) to include all the services and functions received from or through the RDCO, for both Electoral Areas. Planning is important but so are the other services, Parks, fire department, solid waste and water, its time the residents had a more hands on say in how these services are costed and delivered.

If you are interested in serving on a committee overseeing the Governance & Services of the Electoral Areas please contact myself or Director Bartyik for more information.

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  1. Hello Wayne,
    We have met several times at Rocky’s resident located in Peachland. I’m wondering if you are still involved.

    If you are still involved I’d like to speak with you regarding a ongoing issue in our neighborhood.

    Thanks in advance,
    Ken Karasiuk

    • I will call you tomorrow

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