Director Up-Date

With a couple of Board meetings under my belt I’m finding my new job real interesting and keeping me busy. I will be attending a training session for newly elected officials for a few days next week. This should provide me with a wealth of information and ideas for the issues we face in our own communities. I found in my time as fire chief that networking with people from outside your community with similar problems often allows you to view your own concerns with a different perspective. Quite often the solutions you need are already proven practices elsewhere.

I have a new Toll Free phone number 1-844-801-4859 for those in the Vernon exchange. This was one of those issues that kept coming up during the election I hope it helps improve the contact you have with your local government.

I received a list of projects to improve the use and enjoyment of our local parks from the newly formed Community Advisory Committee in the North Westside. For more information on this committee go to I will be speaking with Regional Parks during the upcoming Budget Discussions with the intention of getting some amenities and improvements in 2015 Budget for Killiney Beach and Westshores Parks.

Hope everyone made it through the latest snowfall without too much difficulty. The newspaper called it a record back to 1934! I got my share even next to the lake but finally got my access ploughed to where the Province took over. FYI for those of you that walk along Killiney Beach the road is open.

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