Brent Road – Disappointed

This taxation issue was the first and main irritant to the residents of Brent Road, I found this out for myself when I knocked on doors during the 2014 local government election. I brought the matter to the last RDCO Board and got no support from the West Kelowna Members. When a new RDCO Board was formed after the 2018 Election with new West Kelowna Members I tried again with a delegation from Brent Road to plead their case in person. Two years latter we received a NO from West Kelowna. Below are both the RDCO staff report with back ground and the response letter from West Kelowna.

Staff Report – Participation in West Kelowna Services July 9, 2019

City of West Kelowna – Participation in West Kelowna Services -senior centre – MB arena

I have met with the residents in late December 2020 and we discussed alternatives to find a path forward for this community that will address the problems they face.


Peachland View  December 17 • 9:20 AM Brent Road area residents disappointed by West Kelowna decision (Central Okanagan West electoral area, including many along Westside Road….)

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