2019 Budget – EA West

The RDCO Board passed the 2019 Budget (pages 33-137) last night at our Board Meeting. EA West residents are looking at a 3.4% increase in the regular budget and some considerably larger increases depending upon where you live and what local services you receive. Fire, solid waste and water costs vary from area to area depending upon the needs and costs associated with that local service and solid waste and water will most likely see increases this year as new service agreements come into play.

Water consumptions will be before the Board very soon and when current information becomes available I will see if we can hold a Town Hall Meeting within the North Westside where three of the larger RDCO water systems (Killiney, Westshore & Valley of the Sun/Upper Fintry) operate. As well there is the water filtration issue looming before us with huge cost implications for the users of those same systems.

The North Westside Communities Association publishes a Newsletter that will bring you up to date with the latest activities in the North Westside.

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