Westshore/Killiney Beach – Water System Construction – Update

I have received many questions on the state of the upgrade work and possible date for completion of the Killiney Beach & Westshore water systems.  I spoke with the Director of Engineering about your inquiries and he has responded as follows:

Good Afternoon Director Carson

Further to your inquiry, the Engineering Department has been working with the contractor and engineers to bring the Killiney and Westshore water system upgrades on-line.  While there have been challenges caused by the high ground water table and delays in the delivery of equipment, the projects are nearing completion.  The contractor is scheduled to return to the Winchester Reservoir to complete the generator ventilation and commissioning at the end of July along with the backfilling.  If all goes according to plan, the project should be wrapped up before September.

The Upper and Mountain Reservoirs are both in operation and have been for several months.  Minor deficiencies remain to be finished, including the re-chlorination system at Mountain and the final landscaping and parking area development.  Neither is affecting our operation of the water systems.

The projects are at substantial completion which means that the critical components have been installed and are operational; no major deficiencies exist; and that the project is 95% or better complete.  This signifies the start of the warranty period and is also the start of the 45 day Builders Lien period, as established by provincial law.

The systems are operational but some of the components, such as the back-up generator haven’t been fully commissioned.  We continue to work with the contractors and engineers see these projects finished and fully operational.   Overall, we are more than 95% complete and are looking forward to the successful completion of the projects.


David Komaike

Director of Engineering

Regional District of Central Okanagan

I have also requested more information on emergency generators at the lakeside pump stations and the upper lift pumps, as is the case in the Valley of the Sun System.  It seems that when we really need the water systems the power is out.  Sustained outages also invariably mean Boil Water and Water Quality Notices and more inconvenience and possible health risk.  The addition of generators ensures a ready supply of water to you and the fire department.  More to follow at waynecarson.ca./

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