Updated Regional Park Status – News Release

Looks like Killiney beach will not be opening for this summer season. Application is being made for disaster mitigation money as this comes as 80 cent dollars so we as a community would pay 20% of the rehabilitation costs. This work would not allow for improvements only restoration to pre-flood condition would be covered by this funding.

A Campfire Ban is In Effect

Visitors are reminded that smoking and fires of any kind are not allowed in any Regional Park.

As record water levels continue the gradual decline, Regional Parks staff is cleaning debris from some waterfront beaches.  As resources are available, sandbag and flood protection will be removed.

Residents and visitors to the Central Okanagan are encouraged to explore the many regional parks that remain open and are completely accessible.  It’s a great opportunity for people to visit a new regional park and check out the unique features, geography and amenities.  You can find them at www.regionaldistrict.com/pickapark.

Saw a strange accident today on (sort of) Westside Road between Hodges and Killarney Way. Looks like the heavy duty forklift that is working on the water system in upper Killiney Beach. Its gonna take a big tow truck to get this out of the ditch.

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