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As we roll into February the latest edition of the Westside Post hits the stands with information targeted at the rural areas along Westside Road. If you live in this area and are looking for information about your community it should be available in the Westside Post and editions can be picked up at the red boxes in the different communities along Westside Road. Please read my article on Asset Renewal and the cost of capital projects that are woefully underfunded from their inception 4

Another source of good local information is in the email Newsletters put out by the North Westside Communities Association. Community events and informational news is sent to almost 400 residents within the North Westside … everything from the Easter Egg Hunt to water quality advisories are sent out on a timely bases so you know what is happening in your neighbourhood.

The other source of information with more of a political lean is my website where I try to offer the community perspective to the issues, functions and services provided by RDCO. For information from the RDCO perspective go to the RDCO Web Site.

Information is power and allows you to make better decisions based on knowledge not rumour and innuendo.

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