Sanding icy Westside – Castanet Story

Sanding icy Westside is the story on Castanet about the state of the roads in the North Westside area. Like the fire department I have received many calls from residents about the condition of their local roads. These “local” roads are actually the property of the Province and as such the Province is responsible for their maintenance.

The Contractor is JPW out of Armstrong and they are responsible for Westside Road as well as all the local roads both on OKIB Lands as well as the North Westside area to Caesar’s Landing a lot of kilometers of road.  It is typical to go three days before the residential roads in the larger subdivisions see a snowplow in front of their homes. Many residents could possible get to Westside Road, that is ploughed and sanded usually within 24 hours, but they would never get back home again to the upper parts of the community.

I have more information on roads in a post I did on Roads in The North Westside.

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