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Sanding icy Westside is the story on Castanet about the state of the roads in the North Westside area. Like the fire department I have received many calls from residents about the condition of their local roads. These “local” roads are actually the property of the Province and as such the Province is responsible for their maintenance.

The Contractor is JPW out of Armstrong and they are responsible for Westside Road as well as all the local roads both on OKIB Lands as well as the North Westside area to Caesar’s Landing a lot of kilometers of road.  It is typical to go three days before the residential roads in the larger subdivisions see a snowplow in front of their homes. Many residents could possible get to Westside Road, that is ploughed and sanded usually within 24 hours, but they would never get back home again to the upper parts of the community.

I have more information on roads in a post I did on Roads in The North Westside.

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  1. Hi Wayne.

    Due to a lack of MLA in our riding,I unfortunately have to turn to you to express my dissatisfaction with snow removal in our subdivision.
    As you know,we had a snow storm last Thursday and our street was plowed this morning,more than 3 days after the fact.I had to park my car along Westside Rd and walk approx. one km to my house because I could not get up the hill,along with 5 other people.
    The same thing happened with the first snow storm of the season the previous Thursday (Nov 2nd) where the plow showed up Sunday afternoon.
    My wife is on oxygen and if there was ever an emergency,does this mean that we can expect to be disconnected from civilisation for 3 to 4 days every time there is a snow event?
    I find this situation unacceptable and would like to see some improvement with this service.
    Thanks for reading this and keep up the good work Wayne.
    Robert and Sharon Provencher
    7178 Dunwaters Rd

  2. Good Day
    I would like to add my voice to what I am sure is a growing number of people dissatisfied with how long it took for the trucks to get to the subdivisions after the snow.
    I live in Valley of the Sun and we didn’t see a truck till Sunday morning. By the time it came in all it could do was put sand on the ice.
    I have a friends vehicle parked in my drive because she couldn’t make it up the hills either Thursday or Friday.
    I understand after a large dump of snow it takes time to get to all the subdivisions but I saw trucks on Westside Road Saturday and it was in pretty good shape by then, why didn’t they start doing the other roads then?
    It’s not only treacherous for vehicle but also for walkers. I have ice cleats on my boots and I still had problems walking.

    Thank you for letting me vent my frustrations.
    Lynne Tucker

  3. Date: November 9, 2017 at 10:42:44 PST
    To: “”
    Subject: North Westside Road – Inadequate Snow Ploughing Service
    Hi Wayne. I know you have probably been inundated by calls re lack of sufficient service as regards snow ploughing the roads in our area.

    We are residents of Fintry and have been now for over 10 years. What we do not understand is that in years past the snow plough would come down before the snowfall and prepare the roads. This is not happening this year and we have had to wait 2 to 3 days before any snow plough comes down and that is after we have phoned the contractor. Who is responsible for determining who gets the contract for this area? I would presume it would be the regional district.

    Clearly it seems that they need to look again at a different contractor as these roads are not being cleared and prepared properly leading to increased accidents.

    Thanks for listening. Vyvienne and Neil Findlay, Fintry Delta Road.

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