Latest Beach Videos – Post Flooding

Here is what Killiney Beach looks like from behind the barricades.

RDCO announced yesterday that Killiney Beach Park and the boat launch will not be opening for this summer season. I am getting many calls and emails from residents expressing their disappointment and dissatisfaction with the response from RDCO. It is looking like this will be the only RDCO Park that will not be opening this year and as it is the main beach site used by the local residents the disappointment is understandable.

This is the private beach to the north of Killiney Beach for comparison.

Watch the other videos on this channel if you want to see this site as the water came up and then receded back to full pool the level it is currently at. The area north of Killiney Beach shown here is the only area still under evacuation notice in the Okanagan Valley and remains the only properties (5) on order due to the flooding. Now that fire season has arrived the evacuation process continues for those impacted by wildfire.

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