Killiney / Westshore Drinking Water Quality

I have received inquiries from several residents on the Killiney Beach and Westshore water systems about a”funny” smell somewhat like grass (the lawn variety). I passed these concerns onto RDCO and they have responded to that inquiry. Below is that response:



Director Carson,

RDCO Environmental Services staff have received and responded to approximately six inquiries from residents on the Killiney and Westshore water systems related to drinking water odour. In many of the instances our operators have responded by flushing the water main near the household. However, based on discussions with Interior Health and staff from other municipalities, Okanagan Lake is generating a lot more odour than usual this year due to increased biological activity. We will continue to respond to the inquiries and implement cost effective solutions where possible.


Peter Rotheisler, M.Sc., P.Ag.
Manager of Environmental Services
Regional District of Central Okanagan
1450 KLO Road, Kelowna B.C.
250 469 6259

From: Bruce Smith
Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2017 9:38 AM
To: Peter Rotheisler; Mike Wyman
Cc: Wayne Carson; Marilyn Rilkoff; Brian Reardon
Subject: Killiney Beach Water Smell

Hi Peter and Mike

During this morning’s Regional Board meeting Director Carson mentioned that he’s received some calls from customers on the Killiney Beach system wondering about a ‘grassy’ smell or odor from the system water. He was wondering if there were any issues and I mentioned that our water is tested and is again within acceptable Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines which is why the Water Quality Advisory was removed on Monday, but that I would bring this to your attention.

Director Carson mentioned some people said they contacted the RDCO on this and haven’t gotten a response.

Can you please look into this and let Director Carson know the status?


Bruce Smith
Communications & Intergovernmental Affairs Officer
Regional District of Central Okanagan

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