Killiney Beach Under Construction / Rehab

Equipment showed up on Killiney Beach this morning to begin the final restoration of the road and beach sites. The plan is to see the roadway paved to control the dust issue that has plagued beach goers forever. Along with the road improvement the beach sites will be finished and we should be left with one of the best beach accesses on the lake.

This upgrade/repair is fully funded by the disaster mitigation fund from the Province as a result of the 2017 Flooding and Gas Tax Money from Central Okanagan West’s Gas Tax Funding.

The dock has been replaced with all new pilings and decking, the boat launch is operational but still will require some further patching in spots. A new swim float has been ordered and should be installed soon with the return of the swim grid.

I also understand that a trial “Dog Beach” will be implemented on the first beach site by the Fire Department Boathouse. If you want this to be a permanent site for your dog than make sure you pick up after your dog and dispose your dogs droppings in the proper receptacle, no one else is responsible for your dog… just you, do the right thing.

I will take pictures and post to this site as the work progresses.

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