Killiney Beach Restoration Update

The long awaited restoration and upgrade from the 2017 flood damage has started on Killiney Beach Park. As the work has been started late it is unlikely that it can be completed this year before the weather brings activity to a halt. So far the park has remained open to the public but remember it is a construction zone and caution should be exercised while using this Park. The North Westside Communities Association has an oversight committee for our Community Parks and has had solid input to this point. 

I will continue to do video updates to keep everyone apprised of the improvements as they happen. If you have comments or concerns leave your comments here or join the North Westside Communities Association which comes with email notifications specific to the North Westside.

Here is a walk through:

This is a flyby with the drone:


For more related information on this restoration see my Oct 30 Post.

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