Kelowna Daily Courier – North Westside rep says they get regional district, just don’t like it

North Westside rep says they get regional district, just don’t like it is the headline in the Kelowna Daily Courier.  This is an explanation long overdue as I have been asking for information on costs and service delivery levels for better than three years now with no explanation from RDCO.  The feeling that both I and my community have is that the RDCO feels that they can do whatever they want using the overwhelming numbers from the City of Kelowna to outvote the Electoral Area Directors at their convenience with no regard to the wishes of the duly elected representatives for those areas.

The statement “The job of the consultant, regional district administrator Brian Reardon says, would be to “dispel information and foster an informed citizenry.” shows how little he listened or cared about what the community involved requested and wants.  A 700+ name petition from a population of 1100-1400 citizens, a delegation from the Community Association representing the area and my continued and repeated requests to the RDCO Board asking for a study providing costs of local services and self-governance have been ignored, not a service review.  When will the concerns of the rural residents within the RDCO get the attention that they pay for and deserve and have been clearly denied?

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