Household Bulky Items Collection extended for North Westside residents

Household Bulky Items Collection extended for North Westside residents

North Westside Road residents within the Central Okanagan will have a longer window of  opportunity to dispose of unwanted bulky items this fall.

The Bulky Item collection event is held  twice a year, once in spring and again in fall,  at the North Westside Road Transfer Station on Sugar Loaf Mountain Forest Service Road. This falls collection event has been extended an extra week to help residents in recovery mode after the White rock lake Wildfire.

Event Details:

Wednesday October 6th, through Wednesday October 20

During regular operating hours at the North Westside Road Transfer Station

You can dispose of large household Bulky items for a cost of $20 per truckload.

Cash or cheques will be the only accepted method of payment.

The North Westside Rd Transfer Stations is set up to receive household waste including appliances, scrap metal, lawn mowers and other motorized parts, household and lawn furniture.

Hazardous material ( including computers and electronics) and demolition waste such as wood from damaged structures or burnt vehicles cannot be accepted.

Note: Fridges and freezers will be accepted at this event at No charge, however must be emptied of all contents prior to drop off.

The North Westside Transfer Station is only open to RDCO residents, property owners and tenants with a valid ID card.

For residents outside the Regional District of Central Okanagan please contact your local government.

The North Westside Road Transfer Station is open Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 8:00 am until 12:00 noon, and Saturday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m..  It is located at the Sugarloaf Mountain/Whiteman Creek Forest Service Road. (Turn at the corner of Westside Road and Sugarloaf Mountain Forest Service Road and follow the signs.)

For more information and details about this collection please contact the Regional Waste Reduction Office at 250-469-6250 or email

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  1. Please tell me why after decades of time that the end of Killiney Beach is now no longer available for parking ? Everybody knows not to go down there with a boat towed behind and a simple sign stating limited turn around would suffice. Instead your powers insist on paving paradise and filling it with signs. Your rock parking shoulder sucks and is dangerous to many who may stumble and fall. You have moved the swimming bouys farther down from your property also giving the illusion that we are not allowed to sit at the end. It is obvious that you do not enjoy beach goers near your residence. Do not blame this on another gov’t department either, you were elected to represent and stand up for Westside residents and instead we get the same old same old.

    • RDCO Board members are not consulted with nor allowed to interfere in Operational decisions this is done by RDCO staff and management in this case the RDCO Parks service who receive their instructions from CAO Reardon not myself as you imply. I don’t like the excessive signage myself nor the rocks in the parking spots next to the poison ivy and have already discussed it with Parks management but I can not tell them where or what signage is used that is not my job it is theirs same with the placement of the swim floats (one was moved to repair damage done to the float and then placed back by parks staff). The paving of the road, Bowser Beach and signage was a request from the NWCA. Paving of the road has been extremely popular with the beach users due to the previous problems with dust, it has also made the beach accessible to people with mobility problems. If you have specific complaints you wish me to address with RDCO staff and management put them in a email to my RDCO account and I will take them to the departments that oversee the functions or services of concern.

  2. I guess Jewish lightning might have to strike them down. Evil how they snuck them in during the evac. Seems logical to make one parking spot unavailable so turning around made easier but the whole area is just stupid. It would be much appreciated to see people “look the other way” and continue parking as before. Gov’;t loves signs and just ugly down there now, room for more and what else will the state take from us next. Sucks that forestry is gated closed as many enjoyed that as well but now taken from the citizens. Thanks for you kind reply but city hall always wins.

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