Evacuation Order for Wainman Cove/Killiney/Estamont south to Ewing Landing

This Evacuation Order came home to roost Michelle, Indiana, Sully and myself are now in Kelowna. ESS took good care of us and provided the essentials – accommodations, food for us and the dogs for 14 days. If you stayed behind you’re a fool. I have 20 years structural fire and 17 years wildland fire training and experience and don’t want anything to do with this monster it is far to aggressive and unpredictable, get out while you can.

Residents in this extended evacuation area have until 1 p.m. this afternoon to return and gather belongings and all must leave the area by 1 p.m.   They must leave the area travelling south on Westside Road as there is no access to the north.

The new Evacuation Order includes 608 properties along Westside Road from 8525 Ewings Landing Road (south end) to 9995 Westside Road (north end), up to the Sugarloaf Forest Service Road turn off. Specific roads affected include:

  • Attenborough Rd
  • Beachwood Rd
  • Blarney Pl
  • Brant Rd
  • Elliot Rd
  • Ewings Landing Rd
  • Portion of Fintry Estates (parcel at the end of Houghton Rd)
  • Galway Pl
  • Hodges Rd
  • Homer Cres
  • Houghton Rd
  • Keithley Rd
  • Kenyon Rd
  • Kilarney Pl
  • Kildare Way
  • Kilkenny Pl
  • Killarney Pl
  • Killarney Way
  • Killeney Beach
  • Killeney Pl
  • Leah Rd
  • Lester Rd
  • Marchbank Rd
  • Moody Cres
  • Nerie Rd
  • Sugar Loaf FSR
  • Udell Rd
  • Westside Rd (from 8645 to 9995 Westside Rd)
  • Portions of Westside Rd N
  • Winchester Dr
  • Winchester Rd

A detailed map is available showing affected properties at cordemergency.ca.

As the area was previously on Alert, most residents should be prepared to leave their properties and be away from their homes for an extended period of time and report to Emergency Social Services (ESS).

An Emergency Support Services (ESS) reception centre for evacuated residents is located at 1480 Sutherland Ave in Kelowna. ESS volunteers are available, as needed, to help affected Central Okanagan residents. Residents that are evacuated from their homes must report to the reception centre to receive any assistance and lodging. Evacuees can pre-register with ESS online at ess.gov.bc.caopen_in_new but still need to visit the ESS Reception Centre in order to receive the appropriate supplier forms as specific paperwork is required in order to access these services.

Emergency Operations Centre staff are working with other response agencies to manage the situation and minimize the impacts. RCMP will regularly patrol the evacuated area. Sections of Westside Road through evacuation areas will be closed and residents will not be able to travel north to Vernon. Visit drivebc.caopen_in_new for road closure details.

Emergency response personnel request that the public:

For more information about this wildfire, visit cordemergency.ca, sign up for e-updates, or call the information line at 250-469-8490.

No Public Access To Killiney Beach Community Park – August 5, 2021

Members of the public are requested to stay out of the RDCO’s Killiney Beach Community Park.

The closure of the 5.6-hectare waterfront park located at the end of Hodges Road is needed so that North Westside Fire Rescue has unrestricted access in order to fill water tenders and fire trucks in response to the White Rock Lake wildfire.

RDCO Parks Services and the fire department thank all residents for their cooperation.

The Regional District offers more than 2,100 hectares of parkland including 74 kilometres of formal trails in 30 regional parks and 20 community parks for visitors to explore.  Visit rdco.com/pickapark to plan your next outing.

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