Do Not Consume Notice for Killiney Water System

Do Not Consume Notice for Killiney Water System

In consultation with Interior Health, the Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO) has issued a Do Not Consume Notice for residents served by the Killiney Beach water system. The water system has been damaged by the White Rock Lake wildfire.

This affects more than 280 properties serviced in the Killiney Beach subdivision located off Westside Road.

Until further notice the RDCO and Interior Health recommend that all Killiney Beach water customers find a safe alternative. Boiling water will not make it safe.

This water should not be used for drinking, making beverages, brushing teeth or food preparation. All water users are advised to use an alternate source of water or bottled water for the above purposes.

It is okay to use the water for household cleaning, bathing and flushing toilets. The water in your hot water tank would also be unsafe for consumption. Please consult a qualified plumber before draining your hot water tank.

For information visit the Regional District website water system webpage ( or contact RDCO Environmental Services at or 250-469-6241. To subscribe online for Regional District water quality advisories or alerts by email visit


Global News  Jules Knox Oct 8 • 5:10 PM Killiney Beach residents still struggling with services in wake of wildfire (the survivor’s guilt,” she added. Central Okanagan West Director Wayne Carson said the regional district is in recovery mode…)  Wayne Moore Sept 30 2021@4:00 AM No time frame for restoration of potable water to Killiney Beach system (Just how long remains an open-ended question. RDCO engineering manager Travis….)

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Kelowna Now  Iain Burns Sept 02 2021@6:14 AM (also Daily Courier, Vernon Matters)‘Do not consume’ notice issued for Killiney Beach properties (in the wake of the White Rock Lake wildfire. The Regional District of Central Okanagan said the…)

Kelowna Daily Courier Sept 02 2021@ 4:37 PM (also Castanet, Vernon Matters, InfoNewsEvacuation orders lifted (water. The Killiney Beach water system has been damaged by the White Rock Lake…)

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