Do Not Consume Notice for Killiney Water System


211027 – RDCO Release: We have completed the engineering assessment of the entire water system and work is underway to address the recommendations. The Do Not Consume Advisory continues to be in effect as boiling the water will not make the water safe to drink.

The assessment recommendations include:

  • Additional chlorination dosing – customers will notice a stronger, short-term chlorine smell in the water. There is no risk to residents from this higher chlorination, which is within Health Canada drinking water guidelines. This will take some time to ensure the higher chlorination level has made it through the entire system to neutralize any potential biological risks. We’ll then be able to restore normal chlorination concentrations to the system treatment process.
  • Specific water quality analysis related to wildfire impacts
  • Inspection of system reservoirs and if necessary, based on those inspections, specialized cleaning and/or repairs.

Given the work required to complete these recommendations, we’re unfortunately unable to meet the previous target of restoring potable water by November 1. Again, everyone’s safety and health is our primary goal. We are working with Interior Health and our engineering consultants to transition to a Boil Water Advisory in the near future and from there, back to a safe potable water standard. All that we are doing in conjunction with Interior Health is out of an abundance of caution and for the long-term, health of all Killiney Beach residents.

New winterized potable water filling station

Our Engineering staff has installed a new, free potable water fill station that will function in freezing temperatures. This is located and operational at the Shorts Creek fire hall, Station 102 – 7355 Westside Road North. The previous free water filling station at Firwood and Westside roads will be removed. Effective Oct. 28, please use the new Shorts Creek firehall location for your water needs.

We remind Killiney Beach customers the Do Not Consume Advisory means the water is not safe to drink or swallow and that boiling will not remove potentially harmful chemicals and substances. Please continue to use a safe alternative such as bottled water or the free potable water filling station.

Water systems partial fees relief

Utility bills for the July through September period are out and customers of the Killiney Beach, Westshore Estates and Upper Fintry, Shalal Road, Valley of the Sun water systems should notice some substantial relief in their basic user and consumption fees. Those specific fees have been reduced by approximately two-thirds (Aug.- Sept) from the normal three month period. The Asset Renewal water fee and garbage and waste reduction utility fees have not been changed for this quarterly billing.

Any property that sustained a total loss in the wildfire will not be charged any garbage and recycling fee or water user fee during this billing quarter (Oct.- Dec.) 2021 as regulatory bylaws require a building on a property. This will be reflected on your next utility invoice.

Any customer of those systems with questions about their utility billing may contact our Finance staff at 250-469-6239 .

For more information or help with your recovery efforts contact

RDCO Wildfire Recovery Office



Phone 250-469-6111

Do Not Consume Notice for Killiney Water System

In consultation with Interior Health, the Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO) has issued a Do Not Consume Notice for residents served by the Killiney Beach water system. The water system has been damaged by the White Rock Lake wildfire.

This affects more than 280 properties serviced in the Killiney Beach subdivision located off Westside Road.

Until further notice the RDCO and Interior Health recommend that all Killiney Beach water customers find a safe alternative. Boiling water will not make it safe.

This water should not be used for drinking, making beverages, brushing teeth or food preparation. All water users are advised to use an alternate source of water or bottled water for the above purposes.

It is okay to use the water for household cleaning, bathing and flushing toilets. The water in your hot water tank would also be unsafe for consumption. Please consult a qualified plumber before draining your hot water tank.

For information visit the Regional District website water system webpage ( or contact RDCO Environmental Services at or 250-469-6241. To subscribe online for Regional District water quality advisories or alerts by email visit


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