Canada Day Celebration in North Westside

The  North Westside Community had a great turnout for the 2nd Annual Canada Day Celebration in Westshore Community Park. The weather was spotty with a few showers but that seemed to have little effect on those present. 300 FREE burgers/hotdogs were prepared and served with chips, nurse a drink and of course a piece of Canada Day Cake. At the same time the North Westside Firefighters were scooping up and serving FREE ice cream cones. Our local talented musicians provided continuous music for all throughout the event and a combined and rousing chorus of Oh Canada.

The North Westside Community Association also received more than three hundred dollars in donations that they will reinvest in community activities and events such as this. NWCA also attracted several new memberships as a tribute to the fantastic community event they provided with the Canada Day Celebration as well as the recent Easter Egg Hunt for the local children. Great job and good on you.

It is important to note that the NWCA Governance Petition hit and then exceeded the 500 signature mark. I believe we are at approximatly 530+, awesome! This is very telling as there was only 684 votes cast in the 2014 election and that was from an electorate of almost 10,000 people not the 1000 represented by the North Westside Fire Prevention Area, the target zone for the petition!

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