Killiney Beach Restoration, Begins…

The equipment showed up and the work began. Looks like all the prep work has been done today and the paving is scheduled to start tomorrow. Long time coming but should look great when finished. The second swim float, new dock, swim grid, more parking, paved roadway & boat launch area, repaired boat launch and enhanced beach sites should make for a nice place to spend a sunny Okanagan Summer day.


  1. Crazy to see that the pavement has turned this into a one way drivethru with no spots to pull over and park even. Why such sharp,unparkable , unwalkable rocks along the shoulder? We have lost valuable parking to say the least. Is there not any common sense left in gov’t? Sir Wayne, you drive this daily and should have noticed such change, unless you maybe perhaps don’t want people along your driveway????? I really doubt anybody complained about dust.

    • I beg to differ the parking has increased as there is now parking along the west side of the road that was not possible with the previous ditching and road alignment. The rocks were something that both the NWCA Parks Committee and I complained about as we were told and were expecting rip rap which is not what we got and i believe will prove inadequate when the next flood occurs. I am not a fan of the realignment of the beach sites either and I have complained but as the electoral area Director I am not permitted to interfere nor am I included in “operational matters” which is where final design and rock selection falls. At this time the road work is not completed paving from the pump house to Hodges and a turn around at the north end are still to be completed. The comment about “my driveway” is uncalled for, I have always promoted and fought for enhancement to all EA West Parks regardless of there location and have encouraged upgrades that will make the beach and parks more accessible and attract users throughout the community, as a matter of fact the improvements to the road that I supported will bring more people not less to the Park. The dust has been the number one complaint for years coming from park users and has resulted in many arguments and even physical altercations the only complaints even close concern people not picking up after their dogs then fires. Please let me know what you think when the work is completed.

      • sorry for the ‘driveway’ punch, Just hard to see the pathetic lack of common sense in gov’t once again, crazy how your input not allowed as it is in your jurisdiction. Have any of the ‘bigwigs’ been out to actually see the issues instead of just looking at a drawing with notes ? Definitely dropped the ball on selection of rocks used for shoring and ditching , gonna be some twisted ankles trying to stumble down to the water at the very least. RDCO just don’t like us . On another note, are highways just waiting for parts of Westside Road to fall away before action? Couple of obvious spots to say the least. Let us hope the new maintenance crew salts and plows as much as the south portion to Kelowna,

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