Fuel Management prescription in the Westshore Estates Area

Crown Land Wildfire Risk Reduction Project

Westshore may soon see the wildfire risk from adjacent lands reduced by a fuel management project.  The Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development has initiated this Fuel Management Project with the intention of reducing the wildfire risk to Westshore Estates. This would offer increased protection to the OKIB Communities adjacent as well as Westside Road and communities to the south of the prescription area treated. The land treated is crown land.

The first map shows private lands in red, only Crown Land is treated with tax dollars. The second map is Killiney Beach. As there has been government fuel reduction monies used to treat Regional Parks I have requested that Killiney Beach be considered for a fuel reduction treatment to protect the 250+ homes above the park. This park has never seen any fuel modification and is in desperate need. The third map shows the areas currently being planned with Westshores first on the list with La Casa then Caesar’s Landing as I suppose until the money runs out.

Westshore Estates Stakeholders Letter

Crown Land Surrounding North Westside

Killiney Beach ; Fuel Modification needed to protect residential area

Westshore Plan – Current – Orange / La Casa – Future- Green / Caesars Landing – Proposed – Yellow



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