Fintry Park Users & Delta Residents Need Fix for Safety Issues

200806 – I met today with senior representatives from Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure & BC Parks regarding the traffic flow, signage and parking issues at the entrance to Fintry Park/Campground. We all agreed that there were serious issues and relatively simple solutions.

  1. Change the traffic pattern/flow on Fintry Delta Road: It is proposed that a Stop sign for traffic coming out of the residential Delta side. This is due to the difficulty of large RV’s and truck/car trailer situations where brakes are smoking from the long downhill stretch to stop for what is currently right-of-way traffic from the residential area. Safety says let the traffic coming down the hill to the Park/Campground have the right-of-way; common sense would agree. There would still be a Stop sign for traffic leaving the park just before the gatekeepers driveway, hopefully people will start obeying it. Speed Bumps are NOT an option.
  2. More and better signage to direct vehicles to and through the park/campground entrance. There seems to be confusion amongst visitors currently as to the entrance they need to take. Traffic ends up in both the residential area as well as the gatekeepers residence these eventualities leave large awkward to navigate vehicles in areas they don’t want to be in.
  3. The row of cars that park outside the park gate on the westside of Fintry Delta Road will see new No Parking signage. These parked cars impede traffic on this narrow, long steep road as they can not completely pull of the road without creating a potentially more dangerous fire hazard as hot exhaust and catalytic converters find the tall grass at the edge of the forested mountain. This parking is due to the $12.00 2nd car fee imposed by BC Parks and will continue to be a problem regardless of signage due to the current inability to enforce this regulation.

Should the powers that be follow through with this plan and satisfactorily address these points then both Fintry Delta residents as well as thousands of Fintry Park visitors should be a lot safer.

Thank-you all that brought this to my attention and those that helped achieve a solution as well. The pictures were taken last August for me to take to UBCM for my meeting with the Assistant Deputy Minister of BC Parks.



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