All Candidates Forum – Killiney Beach Hall … this Friday

There will be an All Candidates Forum with candidates running for the Regional Directors spot as well as the School District #23 Trustees position. The Forum will be at Killiney Beach Community Hall 516 Udell Road next to the fire hall.  The meeting will start at 7:00pm Friday, October 05 2018 and there will be an opportunity for residents to ask questions of the candidates to assure themselves that all candidates know and understand the concerns of the residents they wish to represent. Please try to attend as this is an important election for those paying taxes within the RDCO serviced areas, this would exclude all WFN Lands on IR9 & IR10 where self-governance and services are determined, provided and taxes and utility charges go to the Westbank First Nations NOT the RDCO. The Regional Directors position at the Board which this election is to determine only addresses the Services & Functions delivered by RDCO to the communities of Brent Road, Crystal Mountain, Trepanier and the Wilsons Landing/Traders Cove and North Westside Areas on Westside Road. No services, or functions provided on or to Westbank First Nations Lands (IR & IR10) are discussed, debated or the responsibility of the RDCO Board of Directors.

We have various issues and concerns in Central Okanagan West as all communities do and election time is the best time to highlight and discuss these issues. I have been working on ongoing and emerging community concerns as you have brought them to me for the previous four years and understand them well. All decisions affecting Central Okanagan West services and functions, their scope and costing are determined at the RDCO Board Table and primarily by the overwhelming Kelowna City majority. Strong representation, as I have provided for the last four years will be critical if our small rural community voices are to continue to be heard unlike the previous representative who voted for seven years as if he had been elected in and by the City of Kelowna, so much for representation. It is critical to maintain affordability for the many residents on fixed or limited incomes who cannot afford huge rate increases and/or costly unproductive functions. Affordability has always been my goal as your representative.

To resolve these issues while constantly maintaining oversight on our service costs and their scope, that in many instances impact residents in a more negative and costly fashion than their actual taxes, is the primary responsibility of your Regional Director.

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