White Rock Lake wildfire community recovery – RDCO You Tube

This last in a series of updates for questions and answers from North Westside residents on the White Rock Lake wildfire recovery.  Topics covered in this meeting include environmental assessments*, Killiney Beach water, septic systems, insurance, needs assessments (danger trees, clean-up debris & concrete removal, landslide hazards) BC Assessment, counseling and Mail forwarding. Messages on land impact assessments, danger trees and from North Westside Fire/Rescue are also included in this session. Contacts are 250-469-6111 and rdco.com/recovery

*An Environmental & Hazard Assessment of a number of private properties in the White Rock Lake Wildfire area will commence in the coming week.

Additional background information on this work includes:

  • EMBC has fully funded this assessment;
  • Clarke Geoscience & Dobson Engineering will be assisting with this work;
  • Consultants will be in the area over the next week and a half (until Nov 15th);
  • Letters will be going out to 28 property owners today (via email); and
  • Staff have also been communicating this planned work to the community for a number of weeks (through social media platforms including all recent live stream events).

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